About me – Susan Patton

Hi there!

My name is Susan Patton and I’m a home decorator. Over here, we know that your house isn’t a home until it has been decorated like one.

Me & My Boyfriend (Eric)
Me & My Boyfriend (Eric)

I’ve always had a passion for interior design and home decor. When I was younger, one of my pastimes was rearranging my bedroom and helping my mum to redecorate our home.

Now, years later, I am both an avid blogger and a home designer. Writing about home decor is one of my favorite things to do and, more than anything, I find comfort in helping people create homes that truly represent them.

For every introvert, there is a home design that represents the need to explore themselves and their inner peace. For every extrovert, there is a home that represents their love of human interaction.

When I bought my first home, I was presented with a number of questions:

  • How do I create the atmosphere that I want without breaking my budget?
  • Which paint colors match my color scheme best?
  • What size should my carpet be?
  • How many throw pillows should I buy?
  • Do I want a couch with 3 or 4 seats?

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you’re trying to redecorate your current one, you may have asked yourself some of these questions before. If you’re anything like I was, you’ve probably gone through a black hole of Pinterest ideas and Google searches, which has only left you even more confused because of how many options you have at your disposal.

When I first started out, I didn’t know much about color coordination or color schemes. Like you, after endless trial and error, I can now say that I’ve mastered this craft. There are specific characteristics of home decor that make some homes more aesthetically appealing than others. Much like a Google algorithm, home decor is a delicate science.

I’ve owned and decorated several homes since the days when I would rearrange the furniture in my room. I like to take a hands-on approach, going over pictures several times and Photoshopping images to see how different decors would work in different rooms.

I created this website for people who share this passion. Those who find a home in home decor are part of a community. We like to try new things and to test new projects. Our home is a never-ending project that changes just as quickly as we do.

Whether you’re here because you’re looking for ideas on how you can improve your home or because you want to make connections in this vast community, you’ve come to the right place. From picking out kitchen cabinets that match your kitchen to creating the right environment for your needs, we have it all here.

I want to help you make your house a home. I want you to finish work every day and look forward to walking through the front door and sitting on your couch. That’s why I created this blog and that’s why I put pen to paper every day.