Benjamin Moore Vs. Behr Paint – Which is Better?

The two famous paints in the US currently are Benjamin Moore and Behr paints. It all comes down to just one thing, both Benjamin Moore vs. Behr is the right quality products. What you need to see is which color you want precisely by uploading a photo of your room and ordering a sample of it.

And how much you wish to spend on your interior and exterior paints. Then it all comes down to your selection. In my opinion, both these paints have unique properties and will transform your regular home to your dream home. Choose wisely!

Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore paints premium quality paints and stains for your home. They manufacture their resins and colorants, which have superior quality. They are long-lasting and marvelous.

Benjamin Moore paints founded by Benjamin Moore, started this company in 1883, and his vision was clear – to produce high-quality, top-class finish paints and deliver it to the customers directly through the varied retail locations available then and now. They believe in delivering top products and completely transform your home into your dream home.

With their various ads, they deliver their message and product to all the customers out there waiting to transform their home and love every bit of it. The ads include homeowners, designers, architects, painters, retailers, and employees, all of them being a part of the Benjamin Moore family.

It shows that no matter who you are, you can be inspired and transform your life with their high-quality products.

Products – Benjamin Moore features three main types of paints –

Interior Paint

It includes paints like Aura Interior for rich and everlasting color, Aura Bath and Spa for high-humidity environments, Natura Waterborne paints, which are also their greenest paints, Regal Select Interior paints, Ben Interior paints, and Advance Interior paints for premium-quality color and finish on doors, trims, or cabinetries.

Exterior Paint

It includes Aura Exterior paints and Aura Grand Entrance providing you a rich and durable color for your trims and exterior walls, Regal Select Exterior paints made with alkyd technology providing durable paint even on the hard furniture, Regal Select Exterior High Build paints providing maximum coverage and durability in just a few strokes, Ben Exterior paints for beautiful transformations, and Coronado Rust Scat paints provide high-end finish/coatings of rich color to metal surfaces.

Exterior Stain

It includes Arbor coat Exterior stain, which protects while applying a coat on hard or wood surfaces, and Coronado Maxum Stains and Primer provides a durable, mildew-resistant coating on wood surfaces and protects it from any damage.


Apart from the three types of products, Benjamin Moore also offers primers. It includes Fresh Start Premium Interior and Exterior primers, Natura Premium Interior primer, Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer, and INSL-X Primers. All these are durable and provide a rich topcoat.


Benjamin Moore’s paints do not end here. They offer various special paints, too, like Ben Chalkboard paint, which helps you turn any interior surface into an erasable chalkboard. Studio Finishes paint for that luxurious, metallic paint converting any surface into a work of art.

Floor and Patio Latex Enamels can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. INSL -X Specialty Coatings serve a variety of problems to many homeowners, managers, and professional painters.

So whether you want to paint your interior/exterior walls, or stain your deck or use a primer, or want to convert your work into art, Benjamin Moore helps you achieve what you wish for with their paints. Excellent quality, durability, and rich color are the things that make up their paints.

They also feature articles on how you can paint on your own, especially for the DIY people. What makes their color so unique and rich is their Gennex Color Technology, which they achieve with the help of more than 100 chemists, chemical engineers, technicians, and staff who put their best effort in delivering high-quality products to you.

Behr Paints


Behr Paints is named after Otho Behr Jr., and it first started in 1947. At that time, it was opened in California, but during the upcoming years, it got expanded widely into other places like Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and Washington.

Under Otho Behr Jr, they were selling paints like newspapers and became the first suppliers to The Home Depot. Now, The Home Depot exclusively sells all the Behr’s products. The company now includes premium quality paints for both interior and exterior walls, stains, and varnishes at an affordable price.

Like Benjamin Moore, Behr is also America’s leading paint company. Apart from their website, they also have created the Color smart app for iPod and iPad. They also have achieved multiple awards during the years for their commitment towards practical work, premium quality paints, and their workplace.

Products – Behr offers six types of paints –

Interior Paint and Primer

It includes Behr Premium Plus, which is durable, long-lasting, and has a washable finish. Behr Ultra has an extra durable film, its protective shell prevents any stain, along with a washable and easy-to-clean finish.

Behr Marquee delivers exceptional durability, is very advanced, and has an excellent finish. It has both paint and primer in one. It is their most advanced formula. Apart from these, they have a few other interior paints too that you can check out.

Exterior Paint and Primer

It includes Behr Premium Plus, which is 100% acrylic, low VOC formula, long-lasting finish with moisture, stain, and corrosion resistant. Behr Ultra is a stain-blocking paint and primer in one, providing excellent durability at less cost. It includes Nano guard Technology, which provides a protective layer on your paint from sunlight and corrosion.

It has a mildew-resistant finish. Behr Marquee features Behr’s most advanced dirt and fades protection technology. It creates a rigid, non-stick surface that does not let anything happen to the color and keeps it fresh. There are plenty more exterior paints for ceilings or roofs that you can find.

Floor Coatings

Behr features a varied number of paints like floor coatings, for porch or patio, for your driveways and garage, decorative concrete finishes, concrete stains, sealers like concrete sealer paints, concrete primer, and anti-slip finish floor additive.

Special Paints

Behr also offers few special quality paints like Concrete Basement and Masonry Water proofers for concrete surfaces or retaining walls, Masonry, Stucco, and Brick paint. Alkyd paints, Oil-based paints, Barn and Fence paints, Roof paints, and Cabinet and Trim Enamel.

Stains and Finishes

Behr Solid Color Wood Stains, Behr Semi-Transparent Stains, Behr Transparent Wood Finishes, Behr Premium Advanced Deck over, Interior Wood Stains and Finishes, Wood Cleaners and Strippers, Behr Premium Transparent Log Home Gloss Finish, and Behr Oil Latex Redwood Stain are some of the strainers and finishes that Behr offers.

Decorative Finishes

There is no stopping for Behr premium-quality products; Behr also offers its decorative finishes so that you can take that extra sparkle on your wall, providing it the last finish touch. It includes Behr Chalk Decorative paint, Behr Wax Decorative finish, Behr Chalk Decorative Aerosol paint, and Behr Spray Paint.

On the website of Behr, you do not just see the paints; you visualize them there and then. Behr helps you in choosing your right interior or exterior paint by pointing out their every feature. Using Color smart by Behr, you can pick up one color from a wide range of colors, upload a picture of your room, and apply that paint on your room there and then.

You can also go to inspirations and check out some colors that other people used in their homes to compare. With the help of color discovery on Behr, you can choose your room, your mood, your style, your color, and Behr automatically pick out the three best choices for you. Then all you must do is apply them to your room and voila.

Benjamin Moore Vs. Behr

  • Benjamin Moore paints are available at their independent retail stores, wherein the color experts and consultants help you in gaining expertise knowledge about the product and choosing the right one. This is something that The Home Depot lacks; the brochures offered by Benjamin Moore are unique.
  • When you wish to paint your own house, pricing is an essential tool. You can use Behr paints for your interior walls and floors, whereas you can choose Benjamin Moore paints for exterior walls, decks, roofs, etc. since they have high density and are more durable. Getting a little pricy for your exterior furniture is not a big issue.
  • According to the Consumer Reports, Benjamin Moore beat Behr in 2 out of 3 categories, but one category – value was given to Behr.
  • Benjamin Moore has no VOC components in their paints, which are toxins that can cause health problems. However, Behr has low-VOC colorants.
  • Behr tends to have more options of color than Benjamin Moore.