How to Design Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – Knobs, Pulls, or Both?

It is not an easy task to design a kitchen. You need to make a lot of decisions when selecting the perfect knobs and pulls for cabinets. Their choice is not just a piece of cake. There are numerous options available for size, finish, and style. To deliver the fantastic look, numerous kitchens require a proper match of handles, knobs, and various other hardware elements.

This article will help you know how you can design cabinet hardware. You’ll also know more about knobs vs. pulls.

Decide what you want – a Knob or a Pull?


In the event you want to choose a knob or a pull or maybe both, then there are no hard rules to go with. You can make use of pulls for drawers and knobs for doors. Go with a pull for any big door like pantry and pull-out door.

With the help of a pull, you can quickly and comfortably open a drawer. Rather than just your fingerprints, your entire hand will be grabbed with this. It is very beneficial as drawers become burdensome because of dishes, pots, pans, and many more.


One can consider just pulls or just knobs. However, you’ll ultimately know the basics of knobs vs. pulls. Before the variety of collection of hardware to choose from, the utilization of knobs is evident. You’ll see that the pulls offer a modern and stylish look; however, this look is mostly noticeable in the traditional type of kitchens.

You need to know how pulls can be mounted if you are considering making use of all pulls.

Why use Mixed Cabinet Hardware?

Function and style are the two primary reasons to use at least one cabinet-style knob and pull.

The blending of distinct sorts of hardware can provide a kitchen with different characters, incorporating subtle visual interest from a style point of view.

For each drawer and door, you need to prevent the recurrent use of one handle, particularly in a larger kitchen. Various cabinets are suitable for different sorts of hardware from a functional point of view.

Determine if you desire Curved or Square

You need to take note of countertop edge, cabinet design, lighting fixtures, and other necessary style things.

Select hardware that is regular for the kinds of lines in your style. Flat-panel, shaker, squared look, and any altered shaker door are instances of square cabinet designs. With square contours, square design hardware can be in round form. These look more stylish and modern.

Pillow-top doors, outside or inside profiles having beads, conventional panel doors that are raises, ogee edges with recessed panel doors are examples of curved cabinet designs. Soft edges and elaborated detail come with curved style hardware. These look transitional.

Contemplate the Finish

There is a variety of finishes to include fascination to your kitchen while the majority of the owners of the home pick brushed nickel or chrome. Until and unless the finish adds shine to other finishes in style, you don’t have to go with matching the faucet.

Oil-rubbed bronze, rust, antique pewter, aluminum, rust, bronze, black matte, and satin brass are various finishes that go great with a brushed stainless faucet or brushed nickel. Black, pewter, clear glass, bronze, or white are some of the finishes that go great with a chrome faucet.

It is very secure and straightforward to combine distinct shapes of pulls and knobs in just a single matching finish as it is undoubtedly feasible to collaborate cabinet hardware in various finishes.

Don’t forget that the finish is the texture also, rather than merely the material. Satin brass and brushed brass, both are great in tone. However, they appear distinct as they possess distinct textures for surfaces and, as a result, distinct shine levels.

Consider the Doors and Drawers’ Numbers

When there is no handle or knob that looks misfit, cabinet hardware mostly appears fantastic when utilized in different locations. So, with numerous drawers and doors, it can be simpler to create various designs of hardware work in a large kitchen.

It is secure to consider two sorts of hardware at most in the event your kitchen has less than twenty drawers and doors. It is a great thing to make use of just a single handle’s design throughout in a tight kitchen having less than 12 drawers and doors.

This can assist in making a great look.

Think About the Scale

This can be used by combining 2 or 3 designs. The look will be experienced sometimes ‘off’ because of the combining elements that appear mostly identical. Rather than purposefully coordinated, the two knobs or handles that appear quite identical and not entirely the same can appear as a contradiction.

Ensure that you combine different styles that are fundamentally distinct in scale to prevent the above problem.

Consider the Comfort

Know more about comfort while contemplating knobs vs. pulls. Before you buy the whole kitchen, you need to check out the pull or knob. Try out the pull by touching it, experiencing it, and fitting your hand in the pull. Is it fitting or not? Is it feeling good? Or is it experiencing throughout the edges and cramming your fingers? It needs to permit your fingers to fit conveniently.

Does the pull or knob possess ridges or edges that put pressure on your fingers when you grab it? This can prove to be very irritating when you are going to use them at least 1000 times a day.

Numerous companies are there, like Top Knobs, that provide a trial or sample program where they will deliver you the pull or knob you want by just paying the shipping amount. You can check out the company as this will definitely be worth it.

Think for Long-Terma Knob or a Pull

Well, the finish and style of your kitchen cabinet hardware can be modified in the future or maybe instantly.

What things can’t be modified very merely include the holes that are drilled in the cabinets. Nevertheless, what kind of design you observe modern these days, it is essential to check all the sizes and shapes available and pick a selection that will be operational in the present time and the coming future.

You can prevent the refinishing or replacing of the doors by selecting new hardware, having a collaborating backplate that will include the new shining look, and cover the unutilized holes in the event you have a circumstance to feel sad for the holes’ placement.

Consider the Cost

Knobs vs. Pulls – Which are reasonable? You need to know what you are getting for the amount you are paying. Some companies offer less expensive brands, and the finishes appear unsatisfactory and weak. Consider going to local hardware cabinet or plumbing shops as they offer a vast collection and sales employees to help you rather than just moving to the big-box showrooms.

For knobs, an excellent range for the price is $6 – $10 and $7 – $12 or more for pulls. Design and finish are entirely responsible for the cost. Well, bronze or stainless steel can be somewhat more. As more elements are utilized, the longer will run extra in price. In the event the finish begins to rub off or screw cracks, you should order some more whatever you pick.

Gem of the Kitchen

a Knob or a Pull kitchen cabinet

The Gem of the Kitchen is the Cabinet Hardware. So, it needs to be convenient, coordinating, and improve the kitchen’s design only like the wardrobe. You need to do proper research, check finishes, and order samples with the kitchen elements to have the ideal fit before you make any purchase.

What Should you Consider Before you Say Hello to Your Kitchen Designer?

  • Maintenance – to keep up the cleanliness, glossy polished finishes may take some more work and time rather than the brushed finishes. So, don’t forget to consider the time that you are going to invest in maintaining everything.

  • Preferred Grasp – Have you felt the pull or knob by touching it? Is it feeling good? Will rounded or square acceptable to you?

  • Drill holes – It is possible that you got stuck with the present places of the holes in the event you aren’t considering refinishing your cabinet hardware. For instance, your new pulls will have to be of identical size in the event you have pulls that are 3-inch screw holes (center-to-center). It is effortless to drill another hole in the event you are switching from knobs to pulls for doors.

Final Words

So, which is a better, knob, pull, or both? Well, no one can give an exact answer to this. You can go with your personal choice and materials in your kitchen. You need to work more on the function and create the selection of your requirements. You can even consider that the blend of knobs and pulls may work fantastic for you. As a result, there are a variety of selections to choose from.

In the event you aren’t reaching one conclusion, then consider this. Knobs vs. pulls – you must now know which kinds of hardware will go best with your kitchen cabinet. Well, pulls are high for lower cabinets and knobs are great for upper cabinets. So, now you must have cleared your doubts on knobs vs. pulls.