KraftMaid or Other Cabinet Brand? Let’s Find Out

Before we tell about the KraftMaid cabinet, let us know first what a cabinet is. A cabinet is a box-shaped piece of furniture that has doors and drawers for storing essential things. Generally, there are two types of cabinets available in the market: one which came stand-alone and free to move from one place to another, and the other one is built-in cabinets.

These cabinets are either built-in or attached to a wall. For example, a medicine cabinet in a medical store. These cabinets are generally made of wood, coated steel, or other synthetic materials. Check our complete KraftMaid cabinets reviews below along with other brands so that you can choose which one fits best for you.

All about KraftMaid


KraftMaid is one of the best and well-known brands in the cabinet industry. It is associated with Home Depot, Lowes, and other home centers as well. KraftMaid’s semi-custom-made kitchen cabinets can be found at many kitchen design companies’ offices too.

Currently, KraftMaid offers only a few types of cabinets, but in the future, they are working on their products to make a variety of other products as well. KraftMaid is known for its semi-custom cabinets.

Why Choose KraftMaid – Complete KraftMaid Cabinets Reviews

The very first question which is asked frequently when you talk about any brand. It is quite evident that everyone wants to know why to trust any brand. KraftMaid is in the industry for a long time, and they are fulfilling the needs of their customer for more than 40 years.

Currently, KraftMaid is one of the significant cabinet makers in the United States of America. KraftMaid manufactures most of its products on orders. This company is helping people to build their ideal house than any of their other competitors in the world.

KraftMaid semi-custom cabinets are best in class and affordable at the same time. They give you the best blend of style, and you can choose from selective options. With this semi-custom cabinetry, you can enjoy customization of your cabinet’s designs without paying any extra price and extension of time that often you have to experience with the fully customized cabinets. KraftMaid products are completely built-to-order.

Upon checking KraftMaid cabinets reviews, we found that they use state-of-the-art construction methods to build the cabinets using the finest materials available in the market for each cabinet according to the user’s demand. The homeowner has to choose the designs and the type of materials for their semi-custom cabinets. They can ask for any materials, whether it is oak, cherry—Birch, hickory, or maple.

And it is how you make your cabinets. That’s the reason why they are the best in this business.

Other KraftMaid Alternatives In The Market

KraftMaid has set a different level for the manufacturers even to stand close to them. But they are not the only brand manufacturing cabinets according to the user’s need. There is plenty of other brand leaping this sector.

So here, we are going to discuss some alternatives for KraftMaid. So, if someone doesn’t want to choose a KraftMaid product, then he can choose from the one below. These brands are:



In comparison to KraftMaid, IKEA is a good option. It is an affordable brand, and the products of this company are also reliable. So you can trust them. But these just two lines are not enough for everyone to believe in any brand. So here, we will tell you some factors that why you can trust IKEA as an alternative to KraftMaid.

Affordable: Yes, you read it right. It is less expensive than any other cabinet brand, especially in custom cabinet makers. But these factors also depend on the size of the room and home where you want to have a cabinet. And extra fixing charges also apply here. As they are not a custom cabinet maker, so they are about four times cheaper than KraftMaid.

Design: All IKEA products are fully modular, and, with some creative things is involved in their designs, making them one of the most adaptable products in the market. There are many other mass-produced cabinetry systems available in the market, but none of them is even somewhere close to the IKEA cabinets.

Flexibility: the IKEA cabinets are adaptable for any place, and they can be installed in many ways, which give you an incredible flexibility level for an off-the-shelf cabinet system. This means if you get bored with your cabinet system’s design in the next few years, then you can easily change their part with new ones.



Same as KraftMaid, Merillat is also one of the best mainline cabinet manufacturers in the USA. You can find Merillat cabinets on many retail stores and websites such as local home design companies and centers. This Brand is headquartered in Michigan, USA. Merillat is not known for generally making any change in its main product lines. Upon checking Merillat with KraftMaid cabinets reviews, we found that Merillat is slightly cheaper than KraftMaid.

These are some reasons why you should choose Merillat:

Affordable: Yes, another easy to afford Brand. The good thing is that Merillat cabinets are cheaper than KraftMaid cabinets, which makes them a perfect alternative to KraftMaid’s. And the main reason behind that is the narrowness of product options that Merillat has. Meanwhile, customers are happy with the cabinet quality and the price they have paid for them.

Design and Quality: Merillat offers custom cabinets, but they specialize in semi-custom cabinets that are adjustable for your needs and home. Merillat cabinets are available in MDF with hardwood or laminated cover. Here you get to choose the design and materials depending on your budget for the cabinets. Merillat offers eight types of wood and the most popular are: Cherry, Maple, Hickory, and Oak. All the products are built sturdy and durable.

Flexibility: The Merillat cabinets are designed flexible, so if you want to make any changes in the future, you can easily do so. These products have great features and personalization options to make the cabinets an asset to your home.

American Woodmark

American Woodmark

Founded in 1980, American Woodmark is creating furniture and products for home decorations. Started as a small store in the USA, they have grown big in 40 years of their history. It has transformed into one of the biggest brands. American Woodmark is best known for combining comfort, style, and functions to produce some unique products for customers.

These are some reasons why you should go for American Woodmark:

Affordable: American Woodmark cabinets are considered 25% cheaper than KraftMaid. So if you have a tight budget, then you can prefer American Woodmark. However, the packaging of products is good from KraftMaid. The quality they provide at less price is worth the price.

Design: The American Woodmark create furniture and storage solutions for home and office. They create some incredible solutions for storage inside the home, allowing customers to utilize their home space efficiently. Their custom units are created for the customers, especially to suit the needs of their homes. These cabinets are available in two different types: standard and plywood. Along with all this, they have more collections than 12 from which you can choose one for you.

Flexibility: American Woodmark products are designed innovatively. They make their products in such a way that they can adapt to any environment quickly, whether it’s home or office. These products are strong and durable, and if you need to change any part from your cabinet, you can easily change it as they are constructed flexible.



Started in 1904, Thomasville is marking cabinets for more than 100 years and offers its customers a wealthy range of styles to choose from. Thomasville is a brand committed to sustainability, using environment-friendly materials, and working for reducing waste in the production process. The furniture and cabinet manufacturer Thomasville manufacture stylish cabinets, which are practically excellent.

Here are some factors that will guide you to decide on whether to opt for a Thomasville product or not:

Affordable: Thomasville is considered a mid-level brand as compared to big brands like KraftMaid. It is quite impossible to give you a price estimate because the price of any product depends on many factors, but most of the Thomasville products cost $100 to $200 per square foot, making it a mid-range affordable brand. It is also one of the cheapest semi-custom cabinet makers.

Design: Thomasville is famous for its flexible and dynamic spirit. They follow and create fashion to keep their products relevantly fresh to the people in the daily market. Thomasville has got some unique collections and designs that you’ll never find anywhere else. Thomasville makes sure that its products are made using the best quality materials, which makes them a bit expensive.

Flexibility: all Thomasville furniture and cabinet are made flexible. They are designed to utilize all the space available in the home. If you get bored with the same designs in the cabinet, you can opt to change them easily. Their products are reliable and robust enough to last long.

Final Words

So, it was the post about KraftMaid cabinets reviews and other possible alternative brands of KraftMaid, which I have got for you. These brands are as affordable, reliable, and flexible as KraftMaid.

If you know about some other brands which we should have missed in this article, let us know about them. Please share your feedback about this article and tell us if we need any improvement. Thanks for reading.