MODSY Service Review – Everything You Need to Know

Developing an affection towards beautiful home interiors and aesthetic spaces is an undeniable part of becoming an adult. As you grow up, the idea of owning a home with sleek and modern interiors starts giving you more joy than going out to a party.

However, it would be unjust to say that having a liking for pleasant interiors is constrained by the factor of age when kids are doing a better job at decorating their rooms than most of us adults.

If you are one of those people mentioned above who dream of having desirable and beautiful interiors in their home, then renovating your home is something you live for. And while it must be a fun thing to do for you, that is not the case with everyone.

Some people find it hard to search for the right set of furniture and décor to redecorate their home, and therefore prefer taking professional help from an interior designer rather than taking things in their hands.

While finding the right interior designer that will understand your style used to be a task in itself, that is no more the case now since there are companies that not only connect you with such interior designers but do a lot more as well. What is more, is that you can get all those services without having to leave the comfort of your home.

One such company that we are going to talk about in this article is Modsy. We will be giving you a Modsy Review by talking about the features and services they offer and the quality of those services. So, if you have recently heard about Modsy Interiors and do not know anything about them, then you are in the right place. Let us begin with our Modsy Review with a brief introduction to the brand.

MODSY: What is it? And What Do They Do?

MODSY Service

Modsy is an online interior design platform that helps you design your home’s interior without having to leave your home. You can do everything, from planning the look of your home to even buying the required furniture and décor to make the projected look a reality, without even setting a single foot out of your home. Being an introvert as well as lazy, there is nothing more I could have ever asked for.

How Modsy achieves this is by scanning your room or space that you want to redesign using their app or by the pictures of the room that you will have to send them (which means you will have to get out of your bed at least. Ugh.) Using the data, they collect from the scan, they create a 3D rendering of your space and then virtually redesign it and send it to you. The redesigning is done according to your preferences about which they ask you beforehand.

Once they are done, they send you a couple of designs that you can then edit if some piece of furniture or décor is not according to your liking. After you are done with the design and are satisfied with the outcome, you can click on any of the components used in your design, and you will be redirected to a website from where you can order the same thing. Awesome, right?

This was a short explanation for what is usually a long process and involves multiple steps to make sure you get exactly what you want without having to go through much trouble. Below we have discussed every step of the process in detail, as a part of our Modsy Review:

Step 1: Create A Modsy Account

Although it is not necessary to create an account on Modsy to start your designing process, you should get it done before anything else. If in case you have not created an account or logged into your Modsy account, you will be prompted to do so in the middle of the designing process. Creating an account is extremely easy, and you can do it on either the Modsy website or the app.

Step 2: Start Your Project

After you are done with the formalities of making an account, you will have to click on the “Start Your Project” button to start designing your room. Again, you can start a new project using either the app or the website.

Step 3: Answer Some Questions

  1. The first thing you will have to do as soon as you start a new project is to answer some basic questions that will be put in front of you. The following will be the questions asked, in this exact order:
  2. Which room are you designing? (You will get options like the living room, bedroom, office, etc.)
  3. Why do you want to redesign your space? (I do not see any point behind this question, but trust me, people at Modsy know what they are doing)
  4. How dead is your space? (You will have three options, starting from scratch, somewhere in between and mostly furnished)
  5. Which design styles are you drawn to? (You have few different design styles as options and an “I am not sure about my style” option.)

After responding to these questions, you will be prompted to make a Modsy account if you have not already. After you are done creating or logging in to your account, you will be taken to the next step.

Step 4: Choosing the Required Design Package

Modsy offers its services in the form of packages that Modsy calls design packages. It initially used to provide four different packages when the brand was started, but currently, it offers 3. There is a basic package, which pretty much provides almost everything, but then there are a couple of other packages as well, with their own added benefits.

We will talk about these packages and the services and features offered by them in detail in a separate section. After you finalize your package, you will be redirected to a payment page where you will have to make payment for the package you chose.

Step 5: The Design Quiz

Based on the design style you chose earlier in step 3, Modsy will ask you some questions to get a better understanding of your design preferences and style. Modsy will show you some photos of furniture and décor and ask you to choose if you like them or not.

Step 6: The Scanning

This is the only step for which you will be required to move from your place, which is something I do not like. But it was not so much of a task once I got to it. It is super easy to scan your room using the app. If in case you are doing it through the website, you will have to submit eight photos of your room taken from 8 different angles.

Step 8: Some More Specifying

You know the outcome’s going to be useful when there are so many questions being asked before they start designing your space. In this step, you will be asked to specify your vision of the room by specifying your budget, how you plan on using the room, and some other stuff like that.

Step 9: Receiving the Design and Editing Them

This is undeniably the most fun part. You receive a couple of designs from Modsy based on your specifications and forgive me for giving a little spoiler here, but you are going to love those designs. Although, you might not find everything to your liking, which is why you get an option to edit the design and change the things you do not like.

Step 10: Buying the Design

There is no point in going through all this trouble if you are not going to make that design a reality. Well, Modsy knows that, which is why it attaches a link to buy every piece of furniture that you see in your design. You can open the link and purchase the furniture in a few clicks.

And that is it; you have your custom-designed room ready for you to enjoy! The process might seem long to you, but it is a small and smooth experience. Therefore, in terms of customer satisfaction, I would rate Modsy 10/10 in our Modsy Review.

MODSY Design Packages

MODSY Service Review

Modsy currently has three different packages on offer, which are:


This is the basic package that includes all the essential services you will require to design your home. Modsy not only designs your space on their own but also provides you with an interior designer with whom you can discuss the design of your room.

This interior designer service is included in the premium package. Only one room is covered under this package, and the cost of this package is $159 at the time of writing this article.


If you have two room spaces you want to design, instead of buying two premium packages separately, you can buy a multi-room package, which is essentially a premium package but for two rooms. The cost of this package is $269


This is the most high-end package on offer, priced at $499. However, it is again only for a single room. In this package, you get all the benefits of the premium package plus paint and window treatment recommendations as well.


What Modsy is doing in the interior design realm is entirely different and new. If you have made it this far in our Modsy Review, I am sure you must be impressed by their features and services.

But people are often skeptical of the quality of design and the products, which is what refrains from them spending their money on such services.

One significant factor that instills doubt in their mind is the fact that they have never met the designer and so they do not know how good or bad he/she is. But if you look online and read reviews of people who have used Modsy’s services, you will find a reasonably positive response from all of them.

Modsy is a brand that was started not more than a couple of years ago and has immensely grown since then, which itself speaks a lot about their quality.