SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring Review 2021

Finding the best luxury vinyl plank flooring brand for your home can be quite a task! You must look closely to spot the differences between a quality brand’s flooring and some other familiar brand. Usually, cheap vinyl plank flooring will have quality issues in the wear layer, visual layer, register embossing, thickness, core, etc.

But once you get your flooring installed from a premium brand, you can quickly feel the difference when you touch it or walk on it. There is a wide range of options available in the market when it comes to flooring, and a wrong choice can come at a considerable cost. The Premium Engineered SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring can be the best choice for your house or office.

Why is SmartCore your Best Choice When It Comes to Flooring?

SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring

Are they struggling to find the perfect flooring to fit your specialized needs? SmartCore believes every home has its unique needs when it comes to flooring and so they have created flooring designs for every space.

Want Vinyl plank flooring even on the kitchens and bathroom? Do not worry about the dampness of basements anymore! SmartCore has a 100% water-resistant core, which means no swelling, peeling, or cracking even for wet floors.

Do you stay in environments where the condition is extreme? SmartCore is an intelligent choice for you! It has a tough wear layer and SPC core that protects your floors from getting stained or a dent or even wear and tear.

SmartCore believes flooring is meant to be the best from both the aspects of looks and functionality. Their flooring is built with COREtec technology so that even your toddlers and pets cannot cause any damage to it.

SmartCore provides high-definition features and the best designs that make it an excellent choice for luxurious homes. Go for SmartCore flooring and enjoy the comfort of its noise reduction technology. 

It has the most adaptable flooring technology that has the best of smart features that can take your flooring standards to the next level. Starting from Canberra Acacia to Rustic Hickory, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to SmartCore Pro Vinyl plank flooring. Are you much of a creative head? Customize and design your Vinyl plank flooring with SmartCore!

Best Features of SmartCore Vinyl Plank Flooring

SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

SmartCore Vinyl Plank flooring is also popularly called SPC, which means stone polymer core. For the best toughness and rigidity, finely crushed limestone is blended with polymers, which adds to its strength.

Your money is worth spending on SmartCore flooring! The vinyl plank flooring has a lifetime residential warranty and even an extra ten years of commercial warranty.

Are you tensed about the hassles of removing old tiles, another flooring, or laminate first? Do not! SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank flooring has a glueless floating floor technology, which you can easily get installed even on hard surface subfloors.

This brand also offers unique patent-pending rigid construction, which can smoothly hide all the imperfections on your subfloor.

Most of the cheapest Vinyl flooring brands will show even the tiniest spot of dirt or debris on your subfloor. Ditch all your cleaning chores when it comes to SmartCore flooring! Their specialized construction resists telegraphing even when your subfloor is dirty with debris.

SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank flooring comes with an attached pad. This feature, though, increases the product cost a bit, reduces a lot of the installation cost.  

If you are environmentally conscious, SmartCore is your best friend! It has a Green Guard Gold seal, which rates it as super eco-friendly.

SmartCore flooring is budget-friendly and looks and feels precisely like hardwood without the expensive pricing or efforts in searching original hardwood.

Benefits of SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring

Your DIY installation

With SmartCore, all your installation concerns can be kept at bay! SmartCore uses an easy to drop/lock installation technique that has minimum tool requirement such as rubber mallet, spacers, tape measure, etc.

Save both your time and money by installing it yourself with absolutely no stress of adhesives or subfloor prep. You can use a staggered pattern to install your vinyl flooring on the rough subfloor surface.

Effortless Maintenance

Do not spend time on maintenance! Enjoy your flooring without any cleaning struggles. Their Vinyl Plank flooring has proven protection against any scratches, spills, or mess!

Just keep too much harsh sunlight away from your flooring and use floor protectors below your furniture. Want your SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank flooring to last long? Use a broom or vacuum or a mop for better cleaning.

Protecting your Household

The SmartCore products have passed all safety standards and green credentials test. Their flooring doesn’t contain any formaldehyde pr other VOC emissions. If you desire a more eco-friendly, greener way of living, this product won’t disappoint you. SmartCore has achieved the ability to stick by the CARB compliance and is focused on building better relationships with their customers.

Unique Features of SmartCore Vinyl Plank Flooring

SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring Review

Float it or Glue it

The construction is like an interlock between the tongue and groove. This results in a floating floor. However, you can also choose to glue the floating floor once the interlocking is done.

When should you glue the floor?

Stairs: If you want the best safety, glue the flooring on your stairs.

Large floors: Do you want SmartCore Pro Vinyl plank flooring for your commercial building? Such spaces usually have large, open floors and if you want your plank flooring to be more stable, better glue it.

Sun: Do you know heat can cause your flooring to expand? Always glue those parts of your flooring in which direction the bright sunlight from the windows hits.

Low VOC Flooring

Many building materials contain VOC or volatile organic compounds. Later with time, these compounds degrade and leech from the flooring. This is a harmful and toxic contaminant that pollutes the indoor air. However, SmartCore flooring contains significantly less of these compounds, which makes it suitable for your home.

Wear Layers

SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank flooring has a 20-mil wear layer composed of urethane that is ceramic- reinforced. The flooring is resilient, which makes it a brilliant choice for workspaces and homes with giant pets and children. Do you wear shoes indoors? Take absolutely no stress in the case of SmartCore Pro Vinyl plank flooring.

Flooring Materials Description

Styles: About 15

Types: Most of these flooring have a rustic appearance. The wood is usually complete and of the weathered type. There is homogeneity, and open graining makes the look appear more textured.

Shades: There is a wide range of options when it comes to shades. Wood is available in all light, medium, and dark ranges. You can choose the one that goes best with the tone, theme, and styling of your space.

Sizes: Planks are 7”x48.’ 

Smart Core Pro Vinyl Plank Flooring Styling

The SmartCore Vinyl Plank flooring comes in various sizes of planks or even 12” x 24” tiles. Want a more finished look? Order moldings or trim work. Want your home’s flooring design to be unique? Just make sure to get an artistic license. SmartCore will customize for you attractive, trendy designs with pretty detailing that looks visually attractive.

Want your flooring to suit your personality? They offer you multiple design options from which you can choose what suits your space the best. Want your flooring to be stunning but also affordable? Only a box of Smart core flooring will cover around 28 sq. Feet of your floor, which is a smart price for such exceptional quality.

The SmartCore Pro Vinyl plank flooring offers a comprehensive option of looks in shades of grey and brown of a variety of woods like Canberra Acacia, Rustic Hickory, Tahitian Walnut, and a lot more. Do you want the vinyl tiles to look classy? You can go for the Vinyl tiles that resemble stone.

Their weathered grey Covington Oak designed to give the “multiple width planks” look and Paramount tile that looks stunning with the patchwork of encaustic cement tile is a great choice too.

Do you Need to Acclimate SmartCore Flooring?

The most significant advantage of SmartCore flooring is that it is so severe that there is a need for acclimation in your space before the installation of flooring. But the professionals advise that a climate-controlled environment at a temperature between 55 degrees to 85 degrees during installation would be best. Too cold or hot temperatures might not be suitable for the flooring.

I hope you have understood all the features of SmartCore Pro Vinyl Plank flooring. Though much subfloor prep is not needed before installing SmartCore Flooring, at least make sure to keep it dry, clean, and level.

If you get poor finish results, it is to be blamed on your subfloor. To make your flooring flawlessly perfect, take proper care to ensure that the pH and moisture levels of the subfloor are standard, and there is no mold growth.