What is the Best Interior Paint Brand with the Best Colours?

Are you looking for a refreshing yet classy renovation of your home? Well, apart from the trial-and-error furniture rearranging ideas or investing in expensive room decors, you can always awaken the hidden artist fairy inside you and splash the right color on your walls.

A paintbrush may prove to be a solemn key. Once you get the color and shade right, you are all set to fix the uplifting vibes of your home for years to come. Do not forget to glance over the enlisted brownie tips at the end, which would ease the process of selecting the best interior paint for your abode.

To start with, these key points are needed to keep in mind before you select the best interior paint brand and color.

Green Seal Check on VOC

Exposure to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can cause health hazards. Latex-based paints have low VOCs, while the oil-based ones are highly concentrated. It is advised to use EPA-screened VOC paints or take extra precautions to ventilate the area to relieve your sense of organs.

Interior Paints Types

Water-based (Latex) paints – Recently, acrylic polymers have come into the picture for enhancing durability and adhesions, which helped in dominating the market standards. Low or zero VOCs plus easy clean-up are added advantages. The disadvantage lies in low finish and chipping than oil-based scrubbing due to excessive cleaning action.

Oil-based paints – The oil-based paints use natural oils and synthetic oils – alkyds – as a base for trim doors. Slow drying times and a high level of VOCs make it less viable in the market.

Primer – It is used to seal the surface to reduce porosity after painting. It also blocks blemishes and gives mildew resistance. Another alternative is to use a self-priming paint if you are looking for a gradual color change.


Indeed, a blessing in disguise! Additives are used to reduce the porosity of the paint and give your walls the desired finish.


Flat/matte finish It does not reflect much light; thus, it is apt for the ceiling or any out-of-the-way location at home.

Low-luster paints involve a slight reflection of light and include eggshell (more like matte) and satin finishes. It offers enhanced durability, versatility, and cleaning ability than matte/flat finish paint.

Semi-Glossy and Glossy finish A considerable amount of light reflection provides a harder finish than all the above mentioned. Semi-glossy finish (slightly more matte) suitable for humid space, and glossy finish suitable for door latches, windowsills, and panes and handrails.

The desire for a good start of the day needs a vibrant ambiance. It is time to decide among the varied options according to one’s taste and lifestyle. But the hassle of picking up that right one is quite a brain teaser as there are infinite color options followed by shades of each of those colors.

To simplify the task, a bit of research can always be an effort-savior in the long run. By now, a few top picks might have already popped up like:

The Best Interior Paint Brand with the Best Colours


Behr has always eschewed the limelight in the department of paints. It offers Marquee, Ultra, and Premium plus series of paints.

Behr Marquee comes with the unique one-coat hide quality and thus provides the best maximum coverage. The clean-up process is handy and has very low VOC, adding itself to the best interior paint ranking. It comes in flat/matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss finishes.

Behr Premium Plus perhaps is one of the best paints and primer duo, which is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, implying to a zero-VOC check. On top of that, it resists unwanted stain marks and gives protection from harmful UV rays.

This paint promises to give an elegant texture in a single coat and offers flat/matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes. It also takes care of your pocket besides giving the rich, elegant look to your space.

Behr’s Calming green has been viewed as the best interior paint color in 2020.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore persistently holds a firm position in the competition.

Benjamin Moore Ben is known to give the best value for the quality.

If you are looking around for a paint that lasts long and resists stains, then Benjamin Moore Natura is probably the perfect one.

For durability of the texture, keeping in mind a good coverage, Regal Select offers the best deal.

And if you are okay to explore great vibrant color choices along with the excellent coverage and smooth texture and expense is not much of a worry, then let Benjamin Moore’s aura steal the deal for you.

It is durable and resists fading, giving the same look to your walls for years, even after repeated washing. Adding more to the list, it is self-priming, mildew-resistant, and is available in matte, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finishes. This paint also has zero VOCs.

Benjamin Moore’s light pink has been viewed as the best interior paint color in 2020.



If you consider the durability of the paint as the prime option, then PPG diamond should be opted for. Besides PPG Diamond, PPG offers Timeless and Manor Hall a series of paints as well.

It provides a plethora of gorgeous colors, among which the porcelain blue (a combination of cobalt and ink blue colors) has been viewed as the best interior paint color in 2020.



Sherwin-Williams have recently acquired Valspar, and it offers Signature, Simplicity, and Ultra lines of paints.

Valspar’s Signature has grabbed the spotlight in showing the best overall performance in the Valspar series of paints. Its uniform coverage, anti-fading property, finishing quality, and resistance from stains, scratches, spills, and mildew owing to Scuff Shield Technology makes it more reliable options to choose from.

It comes in flat, eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss finishes. Even though the price tag points toward a higher side, self-priming and low VOCs take care of the entire home renovation project.  

If you want to renew the look of cabinets, Valspar Cabinet Enamel will do just fine.

Valspar’s Bombay pink has been viewed as the best interior paint color in 2020.



Glidden and PPG are under the same paint brand, but Glidden bangs more strings in a somewhat less buck and is known for offering a quality product. However, it is yet to strike the market in terms of durability and long-lasting effect.

Glidden essentials offer excellent coverage and come in unique colors in the best budget, having flat/matte, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes. The clean-up process is straightforward; you need soap and water.

Also, the paint is fade-resistant, has low VOCs, and dries relatively faster (thirty minutes or so). So, if you plan to paint humid places in your homes like the kitchen and bathroom, you can always have Glidden essentials and Glidden interior premium as options.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

The best chalk paint has been awarded to Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Chalked Paint. Your nose would never wrinkle as the chalk paint has a fascinating low-odor formula, and then it takes only thirty minutes to dry.

 It gives a velvety, smooth vintage look to the interiors. The color collection is fantastic, including the neutral shades like Aged Grey and the prominent ones like Coastal Blue and Farmhouse Red. The pricing of Chalk paint surpasses that of latex paint. Rust Oleum’s grey shade has been viewed as the best interior paint color in 2020.



Another vivid competitor in the field of paints is Sherwin-Williams, also referred to as the platinum paint brand. For less focussed areas like the ceiling, Sherwin-Williams HGTV home ceiling paint can be a perfect option.

Owing to its spatter-resistant quality, it can take care of all the stain patches or blemishes, and even flickers of old paint on the ceiling. It gives a flat finish and can be used on both smooth and textured ceilings. Sherwin-Williams Cashmere offers excellent coverage.  

Much to surprise, it is quite economical. Sherwin-Williams’ navy blue has been viewed as the best interior paint color in 2020.

As promised, it is time to share those brownie points that you might be waiting to scroll down to quickly. A few popular color choices have been highlighted just for you:

Living room and ceiling, Benjamin Moore’s misty lilac, a combination of Farrow & ball’s tenner’s brown and Benjamin Moore white dove.

Bedrooms, you can pick up the classic blue, crisp white, or blush (Sherwin William’s millennium pink) for your baby’s room.

Study and dining area, classic white but neutral enough not to steal the spotlight, peacock blue, and charcoal off-black.

Kitchen, hunter green, or saddle brown.

Bathroom burnt orange and rust shades.

It is always good to have all the options wide open. Since you are ready with the preliminary research, take out your palette and brush, and give wings to the colors of your imagination.