Windows with Blinds Built Inside: The Pros and Cons

Are you among those who have faced quite a problem with window blinds? Ever faced situations where you pulled one side of the curtain with so much force that the other end got twisted, rather than protecting you from the sunlight?

Regularly cleaning and maintaining curtains can be such a waste of time and requires a lot of effort—also, thanks to the children and dog in your house that the blinds never stay in place. Therefore, window manufacturers, these days come to our rescue by building windows with blinds inside.

But we are not going to lie; even built-in blinds have their cons. Though they can change the entire look and energy efficiency of your windows, many people do not find them to be comfortable. Also, they are higher in prices and have limited design options.

The windows with built-in blinds that are available in that wide range of classy ombre and nude shades can make your room look much prettier and create an aesthetic appeal. Some of them are highly efficient in solar protection and protects you and your children from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

 These blinds do not float in the air; instead are stuck between the window panels, which means no worries of dust or stains. Some of the windows with blinds inside with their exclusive designs and beautiful patterns can create almost a style statement for your home, and among the wide range of options, you can find the one that truly complements your room’s style.

Look at the Pros

Windows with Blinds Built Inside

Windows with built-in blinds have many more pros than cons. Let us have a quick look at a few of them:

Highly convenient

Operating regular blinds can be pretty much fussy, so instead, cordless windows with blinds inside can be pretty much of a good idea. There are highly modernized technologies these days where you can operate windows virtually through a built-in app, making it so much convenient.

Also, there are motorized versions available, so that you do not have to face the difficulties of manual operations. Windows with blinds inside are also great for glass doors since they do not obstruct movement, and a magnetized slider can make it a lot simpler.

Reduced Maintenance

One of the biggest pros of windows with built-in blinds is that they are low maintenance. They are integrated with the windowpanes, which means they accumulate almost no dust, and there is no requirement for regular cleaning.

Also, dirt particles and other allergens cannot settle on their surfaces since they are adequately sealed, making them a safer choice for your room ambiance. Don’t you agree that this can be a good bonus point for homeowners who do not have to spend long hours after their maintenance?

Safety for Children and Pets

The benefits of windows with blinds inside are never-ending. But so far, the most crucial point is the safety of the young kids at home and your loved pets. Traditional window shades posses’ cords and string that can often get strangled to these young ones and your pet, and there is always a high chance of an accident.

But as far as these built-in-blinds are concerned, they have internal cords that are controllable through a sliding switch, and no cords are dangling around. This gives an overall neat appearance to your room, and you can rest assured of the safety of your toddlers.

Minimum Breakage

blinds built inside windows

The conventional shades and blinds become brittle and damaged with continuous use. They are subjected to external conditions like humidity and moisture and suffer regular wear and tear. How many times have you replaced the traditional curtains in your windows?

We guess a lot of times. Not convenient, though! Given the amount of time and money you must spend on your window curtains, built-in-blinds are a much more economical choice. Though it is wrong to stay that integrated blinds stay in good condition for a lifetime, they are much more damage resistant and potentially last much longer than the conventional ones.

Visually attractive

Windows with blinds inside are a great choice if you want to highlight the style factor of your room. Who does not want their interior to look fabulous?  Built-in-blinds do not dangle around like traditional curtains and give a much fuss-free look to the windows and room. They are available in various shades that you can choose according to the color of your walls that can give a much more uniform and blended visual.

Control in light

Curtains or other blinds cannot control the amount of light that you want inside your room. They serve the purpose but efficiency to control it is something that is built-in blinds give. Their size, slits, tilting facility, and of course, opening and closing give the user a better grasp over the invasion of sunlight. 

All these points make windows with blinds inside, an excellent choice for modern homes. Speaking of being convenient, safe, sound, and secured, all these are some of the necessary facilities that one needs in windows along with in chic styles and designs.

Built-in blinds have been in the market for several years. Yet, they seem to be not as popular as the sellers would like it to be. They are often sold lesser in number than the classic windows and blinds despite all the facilities it provides. Let us investigate some of the drawbacks of the windows with blind inside.

Cannot Ignore the Cons

Between glass window blinds

Hike in cost

Windows with blinds inside acts as a merger in the style of classic windows and other blinds. This causes the purchasing amount to spike up to a considerable extent. These built-in blinds windows are often put into the specialty segment, and their costing is much more than the traditional ones.

People who are up for replacing their windows occasionally, this is not an excellent choice for most of them, considering the additional charge.

Reduction in energy Efficiency

Classic windows are often well insulated with argon gas, which is done by the manufacturers in between the windowpanes to ensure energy efficiency. However, in the case of built-in window blinds, this step is often skipped to keep the window integrity intact.

This leads to the reduction of the window’s U-Factor. However, this problem can be resolved while purchasing. All one needs to look for is triple-pane windows, which, however, hikes the price more.

Renovation issues

repairing or replacement of Windows with blinds inside is a next to impossible task. They are fitted so well that if they are once broken, cannot be easily replaced. Most of the window frames are much more durable than the glass blinds, which often may get discolored or affected due to sun rays or any other reason.

Replacing them is a massive amount of extra additional charge, which often the customers do not like bears. Even if you want to redecorate around the house, replacing these windows would be a monumental task both manually and financially, so it is advised to choose wisely.

Minimal Designs

The aesthetic is the new love for most of us. But occasionally, pop of color is necessary for the room to avoid making it look dull and boring. However, this option is not much available in built-in blinds windows.

They are mostly available in neutral or whites, which makes the choice range immensely narrowed. The designs might enhance the workplace or keep the aesthesis of a room intact. Still, the variety in colors or any choice of different designs is minimal, which may look very repetitive after a certain point.

Difficulty in Cleaning

This point may seem controversial with the pros but segregating them out, Windows with blinds built inside generally have low maintenance issues as the blinds are kept intact, which avoids any dirt to accumulate. But sometimes these glass panes do get accumulated with dust or any other dirt particles due to seasonal changes of many other factors.

Cleaning them is a task of hassle. Since the glass panes are properly intact, proper cleaning of every tiny space between them becomes an impossible task, which leads to pile-up of this seasonal dirt.

Final Words

Considering all the above points, the question remains: is it worth the value? Well, a lot of factors must take into consideration. Windows with blinds built inside are not for those who regularly change their interiors or are running on a low budget.

But if it is a one-time investment upon something of great value, it calls for the best of all. The facilities it provides not only uplift the whole aura of the room, but at the same time, they are highly useful, handy, and durable if maintained with care.