Wood or Tile Baseboard in Bathroom

Choosing the right baseboard for your bathroom is quite essential. You do not want to change it every other month; you want the sturdy one, looks good, does not peel off, and is the right choice.

The two best baseboards for bathrooms among all are Wood-based and Tile-based. There are many varieties of both wood baseboards and tile baseboards that you can use for your bathroom. Choosing the right one will depend on – the type of room, their style, their appearance, their value, and for some, the cost.

You also must check if the baseboard can adapt to the steam and splashes in the bathroom, and it is best to buy that baseboard, which is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Wood Baseboards

Wood Baseboards

Wooden baseboards are commonly used in a home, particularly in living rooms or bedrooms. However, it can be an excellent option for your bathroom too. Using wood-based flooring will benefit from re-staining. They can be easily fixed if cracked, and if they get worn out, you can easily repaint them or re-stain them.

The wood baseboards are generally costly unless you are going for some DIY ones. Wood baseboard generally looks good on wood floors only. There are many types of wood you can choose depending upon the room and how you want it.

Like you can choose between a softwood, wherein you can paint, or a hardwood which matches with your wood floor and can be grained when you wish to stain it. The best wood for your baseboard is solid wood. They are reliable, durable, long-lasting, have a more lustrous look to it than a pressed wood, which needs to be painted and primed.

Although solid wood is a bit more expensive than pressed woods, it is the most durable. Solid wood creates a natural look and feels to your bathroom, especially if it matches your wood floor. Though we can say that it costs much and will be out of reach for some, but if you want to include it in your bathroom, make sure to use solid wood for excellency, beautiful finish, and durability.

Some profitable brands where you can purchase wood baseboards are –

Havwoods International

Apart from solid wood flooring, they also offer oak flooring, wood cladding, and reclaimed wood flooring. You can also pick your favorite wood by their choice of designs, colors, or collections. They also provide wood flooring accessories. Choose from light to dark to medium range of shades. Pick the one which matches your wood floor.


Kährs offers an extensive range of products, having wood floors and vinyl floorings. They also include accessories for wood floors. They provide different exciting colors, and they have a wood base for three-layer floorings, two-layer floorings.

You can even compare rooms and see which one will look best for you. Compare it with the wood floor that you have all-around your home or by seeing it for different rooms.

Hardwood Bargains

Cannot make sure which color suits your floor just by looking at it online? Hardwood Bargains offers free samples so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. Take a sample, check if it suits your bathroom, and order up.

It is that simple. Their wood bases are durable, reliable, eco-friendly, waterproof, oil-finished, clearance, and complete. They offer many varieties, colors, and warranties of 10 years, to 20 years, to 35 years.

Tile Baseboards

tile baseboards

Tile baseboards are by far the most suitable and defined base for the bathroom. They fill in the gap between your floor and baseboard and are inexplicably great. Many types of tiles will look good in your bathroom.

Like the decorative, handcrafted ones, and depending upon how you want it. The most used tiles for baseboards are marble, ceramics, granite, porcelain, and glass. We all know that tiles are the most preferred choice when it comes to buying them for the bathroom.

You can again choose according to your choice. However, no matter how beautiful they look, they are costly, ceramic tiles are the least expensive, and marble is the most expensive. It can range between $0.73-$90. But wouldn’t it be better to spend your money just once instead of spending it again and again?

No matter which one you choose, they are best to use for bathrooms because they are water and scratch-resistant, which means no matter how much water you splash on it, they won’t get torn out and are very easy to clean.

Some brands where you can purchase tile baseboards for your bathroom are –


Lowe’s provides free samples so that you can look at them before finalizing it. They have six types of floorings to choose from, including tiles. They also provide installation services if you do not want the trouble of doing it yourself.

They have many varieties to choose from. They provide tiles for a bathroom for both floor and wall, including several materials like ceramic, granite, marble. Choose from a range of filters.

The Tile Shop

Name any tile, and you can find it here. The Tile Shop offers an exclusive range of tiles for any room of your house. And it does not just end here; for a better, live experience, you can go to their stores and check out their tiles.

They offer marble, mosaic, wood-look, and large format tiles. Any tile that you can think of, they have it. From the bathroom floor and wall tile to tub surround tile, they have it all. They also offer various materials so that you can easily choose.

Tile bar

Ranging from handmade tiles to natural tiles to colored plain tiles, Tile bar keeps in check that they have every type of tile for their customers. They have an extensive range of tiles from natural to decorative to the pattern to the material. They offer luxurious colors too, which will surely make your bathroom look shiny and stunning.

Pros and Cons of Wood Baseboards in Bathrooms

  • An excellent solid painted wood is water-resistant and durable for the bathroom; however, continuous exposure to steam or direct contact with water may lead the wood baseboard to change over time.
  • Mostly wood floorings are recommended to be used in the living room, study, bedrooms, where they have minimal impact on water. They are slightly less expensive than tile baseboards but do not guarantee a long-lasting effect.
  • Wood floorings are best because they are very versatile; however, as you also may have seen that they look best in every room of your house except for walls, backsplashes, and bathrooms. They tend to get worn out or swollen, and then you will have to bear extra costs to get it repaired.

Pros and Cons of Tile Baseboards in Bathrooms

  • Tiles are the number one choice of base for bathrooms. It is so because they are sturdy, have excellent quality, are water and scratch-resistant. And no matter where and how much water/steam you spill, there is no worry of it being damaged or spoiled.
  • However, as important it is for you to buy them, at the same time it is very costly. The tiles, including marble or mosaic, or any other material, cost relatively high but, at the same time, is durable. You will not be upset or spend your money for an extended period over the tiles as they will not be tarnished or fade away or anything.
  • Tiles are supposed to be used for bathrooms; it is as if they are made for that room. Not only does it provide a perfect texture to it, but they have no effect of water on it, which is the main feature to look at whenever you want to buy a base for your bathroom.


In the end, I would suggest you buy a tile baseboard for your bathroom, as it is very durable, long-lasting, water-resistant, and has fantastic quality. Yes, it costs much, but would you rather spend your money on buying something and then re-modeling it again and again or buy something that stays for an extended period.

This does not mean that wood baseboards are not pleasing; it is totally upon you what type you want. You can choose wooden baseboards too; make sure that they are painted and do not need special attention every time.